The most versatile of our chewy holders is the springz chewy holder.  These holders can be worn off the shoulder, shirt collar, pants pocket or belt loop.  The springz cord is 4″ relaxed length but can extend to 18″ for waist or pocket attachment.  Constructed from the same USA springz cord material as our springz bracelets, these holders are very durable, high quality products that are BPA-Free, Phthalates-Free, Latex-Free, Lead-Free, PVC free and Non-Toxic.   Keeps chewies clean, sanitary and available when needed by children and care providers.

*Caution:  As with all chewing products, adult supervision is required.  May pose a strangulation risk to small children under the age of 8.

springz chewy holder or regular chewy holder?

The difference between the springz chewy holder and one of our regular chewy holders is that the springz chewy holder exends from 4″ to 18″ in length.  This means that this chewy holder can be attached at the shoulder or at the waist.  The springz chewy holder may also be useful to attach to a fixed object (chair, backpack) for easy reach as well.

Select the springz chewy holder when there is a preference for the chewer to attach the holder to their belt loop and only if the chewer is old enough (over 10 years old) to not pose a strangulation risk.

Chewy Holders

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