This is our 1/2″ chubuddy, super tough, regular tube on our tether and strap.  The tether is intended to be affixed to your child’s shirt collar or shoulder and has a breakaway clasp for safety.  


  • Convenient shoulder clip for fast access
  • Most durable tube that is fun to chew
  • 90 Day, No Chew Thru Warranty
  • 3.0 Chew Factor Strong chewers
  • Helps kids self regulate
  • Satisfies chewing needs
  • Increases attention and focus


*Note: every child is different and needs varying levels of adult supervision when using a chewing device. We recommend adult supervision at all times.

Chubuddy - Strong Tube

  • A strong chewer can chew through a chewy in about a month or sometimes even less. This group must select chewies that are larger in diameter, do not have small appendages that can be easily bitten off, and ideally chewies that are made of more durable polymers. This group has a narrower selection of chewies that will work for them since they are strong chewers. Generally a harder chewy will last longer since the velocity of chewing will be less than a softer chew. chubuddy specializes in providing chews for strong chewers. Often, strong chewers are over age 10.

  • We will refund or exchange your purchase if you’re not happy for any reason. No annoying process, forms, or runaround. Please send us an email and we will take it from there. is part of Beautiful Autism, LLC