These colorful pieces are a great way to help children learn colors and shapes and are perfect for patterning games. Use Mental Blox like traditional blocks to help the children learn to build important skills like identifying colors, patterns, and key geometric shapes. Playing simple patterning games to see if they can figure out what comes next develops early cognitive skills.


Older kids start by copying a structure on a card in front of them, using the correct pieces to replicate the structure. Next, try taking the card away and describing the structure, piece by piece—can your child follow your instructions to build the structure correctly? Kids can even make up their own structures and draw or describe them for another player. Copying structures from the photos helps older kids learn to pay attention to detail, and re-creating them from verbal instructions develops listening skills.

Game includes:

  • 20 chunky, plastic blocks featuring 4 different shapes and 3 different attributes
  • 20 double-sided activity/question cards
  • Storage case
  • Guide


Age 5 and up

Mental Blox

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